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Just to say that my order arrived today in France, thank you so much, I have two very happy pooches. Very efficient and brilliant service as always.


"Calli doesn’t need her teeth brushing – she has lovely white teeth, thanks to Angell Petco's fish skins."

Calli's owner

 "This is my lovely rescue boy Hamlet now 19 months, a handful but starting to calm down 2 steps forward 1 step back. As you can see he looks good on his Angell Petco Salmon & potato kibble, so different to when I had him very skinny, dull coat & very sad forlorn eyes."

Fran Holland 

"My 1 and half year old Boston Terrier loves your food. She has always been fed it, it was the breeder that suggested your food to me. I started my dog on the puppy kibble soaked in water and shes now on adult middle kibble.I wouldnt change her food and I also think the price of your food is superb and love thats its free delivery"

Here's another lovely comment from one of our customers -  we have a lot of conversations about quality of dog poo !  (well it's really important, not only does it show the health of the dog, but its also got to be easy to pick up !)

" My Frenchie isn't fussy what he eats but he was going to the toilet an awful lot and it was very soft, after being recommended to try Angel Pet Co I would highly recommend it myself. He gobbles it up and it has halved the amount of times he goes to the toilet. I use the supreme puppy and His coat and teeth are in lovely condition and at only 4 months he won best Novelty dog in show in the Laveham companion show.
Highly recommended. Well worth the money.

Kaz & Charlie the Frenchie "



My 8 year old Staffie Sasha was starting to finally show signs of her age though she always looks young, going up our staircase at night, jumping onto our bed or the couch became a complete impossibility for her and if we ever put her on the bed, sometimes she would jump off and then whelp which distressed me to hear so much that I would not want to pick her up onto the bed anymore.

Also after a night's sleep where weight had been on one side of her body, she would show visible signs of stiffness and poor movement.

After walks of half an hour or more, she was coming home and sleeping and then on waking up, would move very stiffly, sometimes limping for a while.After around 4 weeks on PP Salmon Oil, the difference is amazing and I do not say that lightly.

She is back to her old "puppy" like self. Bounding up and down stairs, jumping on the couch when asked to with no hesitation, even on and off the bed with no whelp of pain nor any sign of hindered movement.

She runs faster than my 9 month old Staffie male puppy and when out on a walk off the lead has boundless energy with free movement and no stiffness at all even after a long walk of an hour.

I cannot speak highly enough of the effects of this product and if anyone told me that my Sasha would be back to how she is now just by adding a couple of squirts of this oil to her 2 feeds per day, before seeing it for myself, I would never have believed it, but in my experience, it definitely works fantastically, I cannot recommend it highly enough.



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