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2-day old company wins best stand award at Crufts

Jon Angell & Partners - a brand new pet food company located in Worcestershire, have just won ‘Best Stand at Crufts’ in their medium-sized category. According to DFS Crufts organisers - the Award was given because of the outstanding customer service and original design and creativity of the new ‘Angell’ brand, which merges a distinctive sky blue background, a dog, and a halo.

Said Jon Angell “ We have only just launched our new company at Crufts - we have been going for two days - and we win this Award! We couldn’t be happier! We have put a lot of work into this - designing our new ‘fish, potato and peas’ dog food products which are natural, healthy and give dogs a much-needed boost of Omega 3”.

New ‘heavenly’ products are in development now. Watch for their new van ‘winging’ its way around the country - complete with clouds, haloes, and full of natural goodness pet food!

We won!! Award for ‘Best medium sized stand’ at Crufts

Winners at Crufts

Front row left: Jordan, Wendy, Toni, Gill, Natty Back row left: Carl, Madzia, Jon, Daz

Winning team at Crufts