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Murphy the Westie loves our treats because of the Omega 3/6 balance

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      • Murphy the Westie loves our treats because of the Omega 3/6 balance

I have the most beautiful and intelligent Westie, Murphy. At six months old, he started with the 'infamous' Westie Skin Condition. It was so upsetting. I went straight for the extensive blood tests rather than slowly eliminating causes.
Murphy is allergic to all types of meat you could list. He is also allergic to Wheat, rye, rice and interestingly Murphy is allergic to BLUE Fish but he is not allergic to WHITE FISH.
He is on prescription Hypo-Allergenic Food.
I researched and searched for the best, the finest and appropriate treats for Murphy. I came across Jill's website.
Murphy loves the Cod Fish Fingers, really loves them. I give him the salmon sausages as an occasional treat - he can't get enough of them!
Through my research, I have learnt that dogs need a fine balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6, which is where the Salmon Oil comes in. To have natural Scottish Salmon Oil is so important to Murphy and it is so high in Omega 3.
His coat is out of this world. He has five walkies a day and is out for two hours plus a day. When he comes home, is he tired? No, he wants to play ball. He runs and runs! I have the most beautiful little lad.
Fisherman's Daughter has contributed much to the health of Murphy. I recommend the products and Jill is always on hand to answer emails when I have an enquiry.
Thanks to all - Murphy sends his love!
Murphy suggests that he should be a model on your website!!! He says he is good looking enough!!!