What Dog Should I Get?

Find out what breed of dog is best suited to you. We look at how different breeds will be compatible with your lifestyle based on their characteristics. From dogs that are happy to be left alone, to dog breeds that are friendly with cats, find out more about how to look after a dog and what traits make a dog right for you. 

Spotting and Preventing Dog Health Issues

We teach you ways to spot dog health issues and tell you what breeds of dog are most at risk. Learn the symptoms to look out for, and discover healthy dog treats to help you avoid dog health issues. 

Exercising Your Pet

Your dog’s exercise needs will vary depending on its age. Find out how much exercise a dog needs by breed and view options for both indoor and outdoor exercise.

Different Feeding Requirements

Coming soon

We provide feeding recommendations for puppies, dogs and senior dogs through an overview of the best dog food and treats. Find out what food is best suited to your dog based on the nutritional requirements for their age, breed and weight. 

Understanding Your Dog’s Behaviour

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Understand your dog’s behaviour, and spot the signs of abnormal behaviour. Find out what breeds are most likely to be anxious or aggressive. Learn why your dog behaves as it does and how best to calm behaviours including separation anxiety and aggression towards other dogs. 

Handy Dog Training Tips

Coming soon

From puppy toilet training to training rescue dogs, discover the best tips for training your dog. Learn basic commands that every dog should know, and discover the best treats for training puppies.

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