Dog Behaviour

Dogs are loving and intelligent creatures. They’re capable of displaying a wide variety of emotions and behaviours, so it’s important to understand how your dog’s behaviour is a reflection of their mood.

What Is Normal Dog Behaviour?

Since dogs show such a variety of behaviours, it can be hard to know what’s typically regarded as normal dog behaviour. As a dog owner, it’s important to encourage your dog’s good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour. Dogs are typically sociable and compassionate creatures, so pay attention to how they act around people and other animals and take note of any undesirable traits.

Encouraging Good Behaviour in Dogs

Spending enough time training your dog, especially when they’re a puppy, is essential so that they can understand what they should and shouldn’t be doing. You will have to socialise them and teach them right from wrong. Otherwise, their instincts will take over and you’ll end up with an impulsive, badly behaved pooch. 

Teaching them necessary lessons like where to go to the toilet will significantly reduce the chance of your dog expressing unwanted behaviours, as well as keeping their minds stimulated through learning. Most dogs aim to please, so encouraging your dog to learn will make them very happy.

Establishing a close and trusting relationship with your dog will enhance your dog’s quality of life, make them more likely to understand and obey commands, and become well-rounded, sociable animals.

Dealing with Bad Behaviour in Dogs

Setting boundaries and creating structure for your dog will benefit them greatly. They’ll come to understand when it’s time to go for a walk, when it’s time to play and when to settle down. Without structure, your dog will be more likely to experience separation anxiety if and when you leave the house without them, as well as a myriad of other undesirable traits.

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