Dog Exercise

Exercise is essential for all dogs, but a dog’s exercise needs vary according to breed, age and physical health. Regular dog exercise will help increase flexibility and keep your dog’s joints supple. It builds stamina and keeps them at a healthy weight. 

Age is important, because your dog may be a breed that is considered high energy, but if you have a senior dog, you should take your cues from their energy levels and exercise them at a rate they seem comfortable with. Exercise can increase a dog’s lifespan by keeping your pet’s mind active and joints supple. 

Regular exercise for your dog will help to reduce the risk of health problems caused by obesity. Staying active will help your dog maintain healthy and regular bowel function.

The benefits of dog exercise are not only physical. Keeping your dog active will have a positive impact on their mental health and behaviour too. Disruptive behaviour can often be an indication that your dog is not getting enough exercise. Exercise will help combat anxiety and feelings of restlessness. Signs that your dog needs more exercise include excessive barking and attention-seeking behaviours like digging and shredding furniture. 

Exercising outdoors in communal spaces like fields and parks is also a great opportunity to socialise your pet with other dogs. It also helps build the bond between pet and owner — especially if you include games in your exercise routine rather than just walking and running. Make sure to engage your dog in a variety of shared activities. Investing in the exercise of your dog will also aid in training and obedience. They will learn to take direction better and will pick up instructions quicker and more easily.

Check out these specific Dog Exercise Needs by Breed.

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