Senior Dog Nutritional Requirements

Senior dogs (over seven years old) require a diet that will help them stay active and healthy throughout their later years. Your dog should have regular check-ups with your veterinarian so they can advise you on any necessary changes to their diet.

What Does My Senior Dog Need to Eat?

If your senior dog is overweight or is less active and becoming overweight, a Complete senior dog food will provide your dog with a low fat option that still has all of the essential nutrients it needs to stay energised and healthy in later life. 

If your dog is not overweight and is still active, a food that is naturally high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as our Superior Adult Food, is advisable. The high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids present in our Adult food is ideal for ageing joints and maintaining healthy hearts, eyesight, brain cognition and strong immune systems. 

Which Senior Food is Best?

Senior dogs should have a diet lower in calories than adult dogs or puppies. As some dogs age, they move around less and their metabolisms begin to slow. This makes them more prone to putting on weight as a result. If they do put on extra weight, it can put pressure on their ageing joints, causing pain and discomfort, strain on their organs and make them more susceptible to chronic disease. 

A lower calorie count doesn’t have to equate to a less nutritional bowl of food though.  

In addition to being low in fat, a senior food should be high in protein, high in fibre and be highly digestible. 

More fibre will help digestive function and more protein and essential fats will help them maintain muscle mass –– senior dogs need at least 20% of their diet to consist of protein.

Specially formulated senior dog food is lower in calories than adult dog food but will help to create a feeling of fullness –– your older dog won’t go hungry, even though they are consuming fewer calories.

Do All Older Dogs Have the Same Nutritional Requirements?

Senior dogs’ nutritional requirements will be different depending on their size and breed. If your dog is particularly old, it’s important to monitor their weight and any medical conditions, so you can respond to notable changes and keep your dog fit and healthy.

Dogs that lose too much weight in their senior years can suffer from malnutrition and a lack of energy. Their immune system will also be compromised, meaning they are more susceptible to infections and any injuries will take longer to heal. Make sure you take the necessary steps to ensure they stay at a healthy weight.

If your dog is entering its golden years, why not check out Angell Petco’s Complete Senior Dog Food and help them maintain an active, healthy lifestyle for years to come.

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