How Much to Feed a Puppy?

Puppies and adult dogs have different dietary needs, so use a feeding guide to figure out how much your dog needs to be fed in relation to their weight. Your veterinarian will be able to give you more guidance, as they will also check your dog’s health and test for any underlying health conditions.

how much to feed a puppy chart.

What Kind of Food Should I Feed My Puppy?

From eight weeks-old, puppies should start to be weaned from their mother’s milk and onto dry puppy food. This can take some time –– up to a few weeks. So be patient, your puppy will eventually learn with your guidance.

How Do I Feed My Puppy?

Blend dry puppy food with warm water and milk formula (or “milk replacer”), so it forms a mush, then offer your puppy the blended food three or four times a day. 

It is important to use puppy food, as it is higher in vitamins and minerals that are essential for your puppy’s healthy development. It also contains higher levels of fat and protein, which gives puppies an abundant source of energy for important physiological and psychological development. Adult dog food contains different nutrients more suited to fully grown dogs.

Over the coming weeks, gradually reduce the amount of water and milk formula in the mixture until you’re giving them dry puppy food only. By blending or mixing up solid dog food for puppies, it makes it easier for them to eat and digest, helping them to transition from their mother’s milk to dry food.

What Should I Feed My Puppy?

It’s important not to change the brand of food the breeder used in their very early development –– at least two weeks after bringing them home –– to minimise the amount of change your young dog goes through. Bringing your puppy home to a new environment –– away from their mother and siblings –– can be stressful for your puppy, so every step should be taken to make this as easy as possible.

Angell Petco’s Superior Puppy Food is made with a gentle cooking process which preserves the nutritional value of the fresh ingredients. It also ensures that the food is easy to digest for young dogs with developing digestive systems.

How Many Meals a Day Should I Feed My Puppy?

Puppies should eat more regularly than older dogs. They should have four meals per day up to four months old, three meals per day up to six months old and two meals per day thereafter. Your puppy should develop adult teeth between 3-7 months of age, which can slow down their eating. If they are teething, add lukewarm water to their dry food to soften the biscuits, making eating easier for them.

Am I Feeding My Puppy Enough?

Measure out how much food you’re giving your puppy using weighing scales. This will tell you exactly how much food you’re giving them for each meal — if any changes need to be made to their diet, you’ll know how much they have been eating.

Different breeds and sizes of dog will require different amounts of food. Use a feeding guide to work out how much food your puppy should get in relation to their weight and speak to your veterinarian for more advice.

How Long Should I Feed My Dog Puppy Food?

Between six to 12 months old, your puppy can slowly be moved onto adult dog food. Again, this is a gradual process, so use a feeding guide and consistently measure how much food you are giving your dog to keep them healthy.

It’s also important to factor in your dog’s overall health and lifestyle, so speak to your veterinarian for extra guidance.

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