Puppy Feeding Guide

Puppies need different nutrition to fully grown dogs. It’s essential they get enough nutrients from the food they eat so that they can grow and develop into happy, healthy dogs. Learn all about your puppy’s requirements in our puppy feeding guide.

How Much Should Puppies Eat?

Angell Petco’s dog feeding guide can help you determine how much your puppy needs to be fed in relation to its weight. A veterinarian can give you further guidance, as they will be able to check your dog’s health and perform tests to check for any health abnormalities.

What Should I Be Feeding My Puppy?

Puppies need to be fed a blend of complete dry puppy food –– such as Angell Petco’s Superior Puppy Food –– with warm water and milk formula (or “milk replacer”), to make their food easy to eat and digest. The Superior Puppy Food is made with a gentle cooking process which preserves the nutritional value of the fresh ingredients. It also ensures that the food is easy to digest for young dogs with developing digestive systems.

A puppy should be fully weaned from the mother dog by eight weeks of age. Over the next four weeks, it’s up to the owner to gradually introduce them to dry food by reducing the water and milk formula content of their blended meals. 

Reduce the water content by about 10% every two to three days so your puppies can adjust to the harder food more gradually. If the puppies are struggling to eat the harder food, give them an extra day or two between the changes until they’re receiving dry food only.

What Are the Best Times to Feed a Puppy?

Puppies will need to be fed regularly. They should have four meals per day up to four months old, three meals per day up to six months old and two meals per day thereafter. Your puppy should develop adult teeth between 3-7 months of age, which can slow down their eating. If they are teething, add lukewarm water to their dry food to soften the biscuits, making eating easier for them.

Leaving approximately 5 hours between meals gives your puppy enough time to digest its food comfortably, without overfeeding or getting too hungry. If your puppy has a larger appetite –– or is a larger or more active breed –– your veterinarian might suggest it eats more regularly, reducing the intervals and adding an extra meal to help it grow up healthy and strong.

How Do I Know If I’m Feeding My Puppy Enough?

You should be able to feel –– but not see –– a puppy’s ribs. Puppies should have visible waistlines when you look down at them. From a top-down viewing angle, this looks like a slight indentation on either side of their bodies roughly between the hips and ribcage.

Puppies need to eat enough to fuel their development, so keep an eye out for any changes in appetite and body condition and adjust accordingly.

Everyone wants the best for their puppy. Why not take a look at our Superior Puppy Food –– made with fresh ingredients and a unique cooking process –– to give your dog the best start in life.

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