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It’s important to check your dog daily for illness and injury to keep on top of its health. All dogs will react to health issues differently, so keep an eye out for a change in behaviour as well as the more obvious physical signs of ill health. Whilst not exhaustive we have written an A-Z of common dog health symptoms.

Allergies Affecting Your Dog’s Health

Depending on what they’re reacting to, allergic reactions are generally easy to spot in your dog. You can identify these changes in your dog’s health if they are excessively scratching and bald patches appear. 

Sometimes itching of the skin can be caused by a reaction to a food allergy — other signs include diarrhoea and vomiting. If the allergy is caused by food, a simple change in diet can normally resolve the issue. You could try adding salmon oil supplements to your dog’s diet.

Infections Ranging from Skin to Ear

The most common infections in dogs are ear infections and skin infections. Ear infections are one of the top dog health issues, and you should consult a vet if you think your dog is suffering from an ear infection. Treatment is straightforward and normally includes drops or medicine.

Skin infections are also a common dog health issue, which can sometimes be an indication of an underlying health problem. Signs of skin infection in your dog include inflammation, swelling and dry, itchy skin. 

Dogs Suffering from Arthritis

Senior dog health requires closer monitoring from you as a pet owner. As your dog ages, their needs will change, and they will be more prone to developing health issues such as arthritis. Through the wear and tear of joints over their lifetime, four out of five older dogs will develop some level of arthritis in later life. Though most common in senior pets, younger dogs can also be susceptible to arthritis — sometimes more so depending on breed, and sometimes as a result of an injury. Salmon oil could be a good choice if your dog suffers from arthritis, read more in our FAQ

Assorted Stomach Problems

Serious stomach problems with your dog’s health can be difficult to spot because occasional vomiting or diarrhoea is not uncommon in dogs. Severe vomiting and diarrhoea can be indicative of more serious health issues including gastroenteritis and gastritis. 

Check out these healthy dog treats to keep on top of your dog’s health.

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