Dog Health Issues by Breed

Some dog breeds are more susceptible to health issues than others. These six breeds are typically more prone to health problems based on the long-term effects of their breeding history. 

French Bulldog

French bulldogs are fast becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK, due to their cute squashed up faces. As with most flat-faced breeds, that cute face comes with a list of health issues. Their short skull and nose mean they have compressed sinuses, which result in a multitude of respiratory problems — French bulldogs can overheat quickly because of their breathing issues. Their squashed faces mean they also have a lot of wrinkles and folded skin, which leads to an increase in skin infections. 


Pugs are another flat-faced breed that inevitably suffers health issues as a result. As well as the respiratory problems that flat-faced dogs have, pugs suffer more seriously from health issues in their eyes. The excessive skin folds on their faces make their eyelids droop onto their eyes, and their eye wrinkles can house bacteria that can lead to infections and conjunctivitis.  

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are particularly prone to health issues, most notably cancer. It’s important to have regular check-ups for your golden retriever so you can spot the signs early. This breed is also more susceptible to health issues including hip and elbow dysplasia. This is a degenerative disease that you want to catch early to help manage the long-term effects on your dog’s health.

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are another breed prone to hip dysplasia due to carrying their bodies on such short legs. Their long ears are also more susceptible to ear infections, and their long faces result in drooping eyes, which can lead to eye inflammation. They are also likely to suffer from the blood clotting health condition Von Willebrand’s Disease. Though the likelihood of some of these health issues can be reduced with responsible breeding, it’s important you be prepared for increased health issues in a basset hound. 

German Shepherd

German shepherds are considered high risk for health conditions, mostly due to the shape of their back legs and hips. This is another dog breed prone to hip dysplasia, which will cause damage to their hip joints and can ultimately lead to arthritis. Though this can be prevented through careful breeding and screening, it’s worth finding anti-inflammatory solutions that will help ease discomfort for your dog. 

Cocker Spaniel

In dog health, cocker spaniels are known to have the most issues predetermined by their breed. Their signature floppy ears are prone to ear infections, and they are also more likely to develop bone and joint problems than other dog breeds. Cocker spaniels also have an increased chance of developing heart and liver disease.

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