Dog Breeds That Are Friendly with Cats

When creating a harmonious home environment for your pets, you want to find out which pets can happily coexist. Living peacefully side by side is one thing, but are there dog breeds that are friendly with cats? You may find some breeds are more cat compatible than others.

You know your cat better than anyone, so if you really want a dog, ask how wise it is based on how your cat will respond. If you have never socialised your cat with other animals, try doing so before you bring a new pet into the mix so that you can gauge their reaction. It’s much more successful to introduce other pets to a cat early on in life as they are creatures of habit, and once they have their routine in your home, they won’t like anything that disrupts it. Introducing a puppy can be more successful than bringing a fully-grown dog home as a cat’s nurturing tendencies will make it less likely to object to a young newcomer. Check out this list of dog breeds friendly with cats before bringing a dog into the home.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are top of the list of dog breeds that are friendly with cats because they’re friendly with everyone! Golden retrievers are very loving and sociable, so they will make an excellent companion for your cat. Though excitable, their temperament is gentle, which makes them an ideal dog to introduce to other pets.

Basset Hound

We’ve noted already that basset hounds are suited to being left home alone because of their lazy tendencies. It’s this laziness that makes them a great cat companion because they are low energy and won’t bother (or be bothered by) your cat. The basset hound’s short legs mean there won’t be a huge size difference between the two animals, and they make the dog slow-moving, which is a favourable trait when spending a lot of time around your cat. 


Pugs tend to feel comfortable around other small animals, so they can be very friendly with cats. They’re also pretty low energy and love to nap, meaning they won’t be too boisterous and disruptive for your current pet. 


Though beagles are hunting dogs, their history of being bred in packs means they’re happy in the company of others. Beagles are very loving and will cuddle up with your cat if your cat will let them! Their size makes them a compatible dog breed that won’t intimidate cats. 

Boston Terrier

Though not typical of most terriers, this breed of terrier will get along just fine with cats. They are an affectionate dog and very friendly, so they’re an ideal companion for your current pets. They’re also relatively easy to train, so you can instil good habits in them as part of their training for cohabiting with a cat.


Poodles are pretty reliable for getting along with everybody, including your cat. It’s worth introducing them before committing, but poodles are intelligent and respond quickly to training, therefore bringing a poodle into the home should be a smooth process. They’re smart enough to respect a cat’s space, but once the two are well acquainted the poodle’s playful nature will start to come out.

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