About Angell Petco


 Here's Lottie - the Angells Rescue Bouvier - she loves her new job as Chief Taster of our new Fish Treats, made in our own factory in Iceland!


There are 8 of us in the company now - Robert and Jill Angell  - you may remember them from years ago when they were the two Founders of Fish4Dogs - and Jon & Madzia Angell - (who ran the Breeder Shows and exhibitions in the UK). The company was sold in 2010 -  we have now all joined forces as Angell Petco Ltd. We also have Jill's sister in the sales office, and new staff in the warehouse, with more starting in the New Year -  it's a real 'family company', with family values. 


We believe in feeding the best quality food we can to our dogs.  Our philosophy is to produce the best quality food at the best value for money price.  Our Recipes contain the lowest possible quantity of carbohydrate (and we NEVER use wheat!) - and the highest possible quantity of fish or meat.  We try to keep our recipes simple, to match what the dogs would eat in the wild.  That's what their digestions are designed for.  You will find that when you feed our food to your dogs - most of it stays in the dog, and doesn't appear at the other end!

Our packaging is simple and inexpensive, so don't expect anything fancy when it arrives on your doorstep!  But you can rest assured that the food inside is MADE IN THE UK, and is the best possible quality you can feed your dog.  We use Scottish Salmon and White Fish, English Trout, and Scottish Salmon Oil.  Our Fish Treats are made in several factories in Europe. (WE DO NOT IMPORT ANYTHING FROM CHINA).

Robert and Jill are seafood experts - having worked in the fishing industry for over 20 years around the world.  That's why we have access to the best quality fish for our products.  They have also been researching other unique marine ingredients from around the world and have found a fantastic new algae called Padina Pavonica which is found only in the Mediterranean - and which has been used in the human cosmetic and nutraceutical industries world-wide for the last 15 years to help joint and bone strength and to re-build collagen (it's the active ingredient in Lancome Absolue Wrinkle Cream so I am taking it too - Jill!).  We now sell Padina Pavonica in our Salmon Oil, which makes it specifically good for older dogs, puppies, those with hip problems, or those recovering from operations.  Visit www.padina-pavonica.com for more information.  And watch this website for news of our NEW products - remember we are the seafood specialists in the petfood industry.


We are on the end of the phone - 9 - 5 Monday to Friday as well, if you need any help or advice - please do give us a ring (we don't have an automatic telephone answering system - a real person picks up the phone!)

Thank you to all our friends who have helped us put this company and website together – we really appreciate your support.