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Frequently Asked Questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - (if the answer's not here - just email us or phone - we are always happy to answer!)

QUESTION: Do you deliver to the Channel Islands?

ANSWER : If you live in Jersey, our products are available from Lucy Falle at The k9 Wellness Centre. Visit  If you live in any of the other Channel Islands, please email or phone and we'll get a price estimate for delivery, before you order.

QUESTION : Where can I find the feeding guidelines for your complete food?

ANSWER : If you go to the photograph of the food you are interested in and click this, you will see a page where there are 2 tabs on the right hand side of the page, Details and Additional Information, all the feeding guidelines are under the Additional Information Tab.

QUESTION : Can you guarantee there is no horse-meat in your products?

ANSWER:  We can guarantee 100% that there is no horsemeat in our food.  Our packaging may not be the sexiest - but our products are the best quality on the market!

QUESTION:  Why is Scottish Salmon better than any other kind?

ANSWER. Our salmon oil is produced from farmed salmon so we do not damage the wild stock (which is a threatened species) and is caught off the Scottish islands where it can swim in the sea and therefore build up muscle and a high content of Omega 3.  If salmon is farmed in lakes and fjords, it does not have any tidal value to swim against.  Therefore it does not gain any muscle, flavour or texture. You will see from the supermarkets such as Marks and Spencer and Waitrose that the best quality salmon they sell is always from Scotland.

QUESTION :  Are there any cereals in your complete salmon food?

ANSWER.  There are no cereals in either our Trout or our Salmon complete food, the carbohydrate comes from potato and the protein from fresh fish. We do not believe that cereals are good for dogs digestions - they are usually used as a bulking agent by large petfood manufacturers, to keep costs down.  However the cereal doesnt actually give the dog any nutritional benefit - it just makes more poo at the other end!

QUESTION : Are your fish treats made in China?

ANSWER: . No, we source all our ingredients from the UK if possible and Europe if not.  We do not believe in creating even more carbon miles by importing products from the other side of the world.  Also, when we specify our ingredients - we always specify British - so for example our Salmon raw material comes from Scotland and our Trout is English and the Lamb is Welsh.

QUESTION :  what is the nutritional difference between salmon and trout complete food?

ANSWER: There is very little difference in nutritional values - the main difference is that salmon is a rich, oily fish with loads of Omega 3 in it - which is wonderful for skin, coat,, joints etc - whilst the Trout is a lighter fish altogether - easier to digest - and would be more suitable if your dog is recovering from an operaiton or just has a sensitive tummy generally

QUESTION ; Is there any Vitamin E in the Salmon Oil

ANSWER. No, we do not add any Vitamin E to the oil, the only reason it would be added is for preservation as it does not contribute anything to the dogs ability to absorb the essential fatty oils.

QUESTION; Is Salmon oil better than Cod Liver Oil for my dog?

ANSWER: Cod liver oil is made from the pressed liver of the cod which is the organ which filters the toxins, Salmon Oil is made from the whole pressed fish. It is a completely natural product which is high in Omega 3,6 and 9 and does not contain any preservatives or chemicals.


QUESTION:  My dog is epileptic - I have to be careful what she eats - would your food be suitable?

ANSWERFisherman's Daughter complete dry fish-based foods are excellent for dogs with allergies or compromised immune systems.  Be very careful not to feed anything with Rosemary in it as it has been shown to aggravate epilepsy in dogs.  Always check the labels.  Remember the simplest ingredients are best.

QUESTION:  My dog is constantly scratching and gnawing at her paws - would a change of diet help?

ANSWERItchy skin can be caused by an allergy in the diet.  First thing to do is eliminate wheat!  After that, try feeding a fish-based complete food or add salmon oil which has lots of Omega 3 in it.  Omega 3 has been shown to boost the immune system and help protect against all kinds of allergies in dogs.  Good for humans too!

QUESTION:  What is Padina Pavonica?

ANSWERPadina Pavonica is an algae which grows around Malta, and which has been extracted and concentrated by the Institute of Cellular Pharmacology into a new ingredient for petfood.  It has been in human foods, supplements and nutraceuticals for many years.  It is a source of calcium, and also acts as a calcium fixator.  In humans it is used in the treatment of osteo porosis and other bone related problems.  It is also used as a cell regenerator in many popular skin creams world-wide in the fight against wrinkles and loss of collagen.

QUESTION:  How can Padina Pavonica help my dog?

ANSWERPadina Pavonica can help boost calcium and bone development.  Particularly good for puppies, large breeds, elderly, athritic dogs - or those recovering from surgery or illness. It is available in Fisherman's Daughter complete food, Salmon Cookies and Salmon Oil.

QUESTION:  Can a dog survive on a diet of only fish, with no meat??

ANSWERFisherman's Daughter complete salmon and potato is designed to give a dog everything it needs in terms of optimum nutrition in the simplest way possible.  Dogs in the Northern Hemisphere have survived on fish-only diets for hundreds of years.  Fish is an excellent source of protein for dogs - as it is gentle on the digestion, and low in saturated fat.  

QUESTION:  Someone has recommended I give my dog salmon oil - to stop 'hot spots', sensitive skin and hair-loss.  How can it help?

ANSWERScottish Salmon Oil contains high levels of Omega 3 which helps to boost the immune system and therefore lower the risk of allergies in dogs, which cause skin problems.  Bald spots and inflammation usually calm down within 3 - 4 weeks.  Salmon contains zinc, which is excellent for improving flaky, itchy skin. You will find that most human anti-dandruff shampoos contain zinc.


QUESTION: What can't I give my dog at Christmas time?

ANSWER: It is widely known about the specific dangers of chocolate and Christmas happens to be a time when chocolate is free-flowing.  The darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it contains and therefore the more poisonous it is.  There are however more dangers that as a dog owner you need to be aware of.  Read our 'Twelve top tips of Christmas' to ensure your dog has a safe and happy Christmas. 

QUESTION: My dog is scared of fireworks  - what can I do to calm him?

ANSWEREvery dog owner knows how noisy November can be and the trauma it can present to your pet. Although the bright flashes and loud bangs are appealing to most humans, our canine companions are often less than impressed, often behaving in ways that are out of character.

 You don’t need to reach for the ear defenders just yet as a bit of foresight can prevent any uncharacteristic or negative behaviour.  Angell Petco has collected the very best advice from experts in the field to create Angell Petco’s ‘Ten Tail-wagging tips’ to help your dog remain calm and safe this firework season.