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Fish food for Dogs

 As part of our fish for dogs range, the Angells offer a range of salmon, trout or lamb complete food made in the UK plus fish treats, fish skins, and Scottish salmon oil.

Our healthy fish for dogs is made with the best quality ingredients we could find (Scottish Salmon & Potato) - without the artificial additives found in many other dogfoods.  SALMON & POTATO  is our BEST SELLING FOOD - used by many breeders in the UK because of it's visible results.  It’s hypo-allergenic, full of omega 3 and free from gluten! Its also ideal for diabetic dogs, epileptic dogs (no rosemary) coeliac dogs, or dogs on diets. We use potato as our carbohydrate source as it is easier to digest than any kind of grain. Check out our PUPPYFOOD and Light Diet Trout Recipe. 


Proudly made in the UK


Fresh Salmon oil - from Scotland

If your dog has itchy skin or dandruff - he may not be getting enough Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) in his diet. Add some of our Salmon Oil to each meal and see the difference in his coat! It can also help older dogs with stiff joints, poorly hearts or those recovering from operations. Nursing bitches also benefit as they pass on the Omega 3,6 and 9 to the puppies in the milk.

Dental Fish Skin Treats made from 100% fish skin - nothing else! - MADE IN CORNWALL

Our dental treats are ideal for BARF diet users - full of Omega 3 and come in different shapes so there’s one to suit every breed of dog. They are made from 100% fish skins, gently baked to make them crunchy so they exfoliate your dog’s teeth whilst he is enjoying his snack! With no additives, preservatives, colourings, or other nasty stuff they are the ideal healthy treat.


Gluten Free Dog Food

Buy our healthy gluten free dog food in the knowledge that it is hypo-allergenic, full of omega 3 and gluten free.