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Let your pooch be your personal trainer for 2018!

Healthy Walking tips from Angell petco


Who needs the gym when you have a pooch as your personal trainer?


If your New Year’s resolution is to get healthy, then owning a dog is ideal. With researchers claiming that dog owners get more exercise walking their pet than someone with a gym membership, what better time to look at how to make the most of this?

Angell Petco is here to help with our five handy healthy tips that benefit you and your dog!

1. There are certainly not many dogs who would object to having additional walks so why not take your dog for a walk more often? They won’t moan about going uphill or cancel at the last minute.

2. Although tempting just to stroll whilst walking your dog, if you increase your speed and walk quickly you can burn as many as 170 calories in just half an hour.

3. Try swinging your arms whilst briskly walking and you’d be amazed just how many more calories you burn doing this.

4. If your dog loves fetching a thrown ball or stick, rather than standing and waiting, you could either race them if you’re feeling particularly energetic or you could fit in some jumps or squats on the spot.

5. We are all creatures of habit, but why not plan to try a different walk or route once a week with different terrain? Maybe you’re lucky enough to visit the beach regularly or walk up some local hills?

 Just remember to reward your dog with healthy dog treats as a way of saying thank you. After all, a human personal trainer wouldn’t do it for free.

 If your dog has indulged as well over Christmas, the Kennel Club have some tips about how to manage your dog’s weight. You can also always refer to our Feeding Guides which you can find in the additional information for our healthy dog food.