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The Little Angells Breeders' Club

Joining The Little Angells Breeders' Club

To be apply to become a Disciple of The Little Angells Breeders' Club please fill in the form below.

Completion of the form indicates your acceptance of our terms and conditions of membership.

Terms and Conditions of Membership of The Little Angells Breeders' Club

l. Have your own Registered Kennel Club Affix
OR be a registered member of the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme
OR be a Member of a registered Dog Breed Club

2. Feed Angell food and treats to your dogs, and provide feedback where possible about the results of the food and treats. Complete food can only be purchased in 15 kilo minimums to qualify for discounts.

3. Recommend Angell products to all new puppy owners

4. Little Angells Breeders' Club is only available in England, Wales and Scotland (not Highlands and Islands) at the moment. We hope to expand to the island of IRELAND shortly.

5. Disciples agree that they are ordering foods for Working Dogs, in accordance with HMRC guidelines regarding VAT, Ref: 701/15 (March 2002) Item 6.4.

6. We can only deliver products directly to Disciples

7. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel membership, or change membership terms and conditions at any time.

Become a Disciple of the Angells Breeder Club

Join our Breeder Club for better discounts on products.  We put all our money into producing excellent quality food for your dogs, with high quality raw ingredients, made in BRITAIN.  We use best quality Scottish Salmon Oil in all our products.

So - no fancy gimmicks, t-shirts, base-ball caps or other 'free' gifts.  Sorry.  Just the best quality dogfood you can buy, at the best price we can offer you.

When you register as a Breeder, you will automatically see the Breeder Price List next time you log on with your new password.  You can change this password any time to something you can remember more easily!

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