Puppy Complete Food Medium Bite (NEW SIZE KIBBLE) 7.5kg

Puppy Complete Food  Medium Bite (NEW SIZE KIBBLE) 7.5kg Dog Food

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Puppy Complete Food Medium Bite (NEW SIZE KIBBLE) 7.5kg


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Complete food for adult working dogs. Hypo-Allergenic, formulated without wheat or wheat gluten.Light and easily digestible fish & chicken recipe with rice & potato.


Salmon and White fish with potato.

NEW, medium size puppy kibble, suitable for both small and large puppies.

A delicate and nutritious first food for puppies.
Can be moistened with a little water for very young puppies
White Fish - easily digestible for growing puppies
Salmon – a nutritious and tasty way of adding omega 3 for healthy skin and coat
Potato – hypo allergenic carbohydrate

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 30% Protein
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial additives or preservatives
  • Grain Free
  • Easily Digestible

    COMPOSITION : (ingredients, in normal language)

    36% Salmon and whitefish, Salmon Meal, Potato, Sweet Potato, Beet Fibre, Potato Protein, Salmon Oil, Peas (not pea-flour), Salmon Stock, Minerals and vitamins


PUPPY STARTER PACK - TRY OUR 2.2kg PUPPY BUCKET, with re-sealable lid

Ensure that a supply of clean, fresh water is always available. Vitamins guaranteed until best before date. Store in a cool dry place.

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