Angell PetCo. has improved the health, wellbeing and happiness of thousands of dogs with our superior complete dog food and dog treats. We hold a 5-star Trustpilot rating and were the top-rated dog food company in 2017 and 2018. Here’s what some of our human customers (if only our canine friends could talk!) have to say!

trustpilot stars

Alf the whippet started eating your sensitive range after becoming very ill on another dog food brand (which changed to include pea protein).

Angell PetCo were recommended from the ‘All about dogs’ section on the Horse and Hound website.

Angell PetCo could not have been more helpful in ordering and knew all about the pea protein in the other brand.

Alfs health, enthusiasm for his food, constancy of the ingredients and customer service over the 8-9 years of ordering are the reasons I stay with Angell PetCo. It was even possible to have it shipped out to the Republic of Ireland, thanks to Angell PetCo!

Alf will be 10 in Feb, and walks at least 5-8 miles a day.

ibizan hound

Charlotte and Alf

trustpilot stars

I am so glad I discovered Angell Petco some years ago and so is my labradoodle Luka. His favourite treats are the Mini Fish Skins and the Beef Patties and he’s just fallen in love with the Salmon Cookies after he had some in his Christmas goodie bag. I find the little training treats very useful to have in my pocket as well.

For me I love the fact that you use have simple pure ingredients so I know exactly what I’m feeding my boy and treating him can form part of a healthy balanced diet.

Free next delivery and excellent customer service complete the full package.


Diana and Luka

trustpilot stars

Our Golden Retriever, Sam, has been fed on your Salmon Complete Food for many years. We had tried several other brands but found that the Salmon Food suited him best and it’s helped keep him healthy ever since. The vet always says how great his teeth are and everyone we meet comments on what a handsome dog he is with a magnificent coat.

He loves water, and like most Goldies he’s ready for a swim summer or winter, sunshine or rain but the one thing he likes more than swimming is his food.

He’s always ready for a meal – and at just £1 a day, the Salmon food is good value as well as something he loves.

Golden Retriever

Mark and Sam

trustpilot stars

I have been buying from Angellpetco for a long time. I cannot fault their products, delivery, customer service. My dog Bella loves everything that I buy for her. She especially loves  fish skin minis, cod fingers and all the other treats that I’ve bought her. I highly recommend Angellpetco. Your dog will love their products. I’ve even taken some of her treats to work for my colleagues with dogs and they now order from Angellpetco themselves. Brilliantly healthy dog food

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Yvonne and Bella

trustpilot stars

What brought me to Angell PetCo?

I rehomed my black Labrador Jasper from Canine Partners the assistance dog charity. He was meant to be an assistance dog but he didn’t quite make the grade, and quite frankly just loves being a pet now!

Jasper had a very troublesome tummy when he was in training – this could have been partly to the stress of working which he wasn’t keen on but he does get an upset stomach quite easily.

Purina provide a lot of the food for Canine Partners as they have a corporate partnership but the charity is able to look elsewhere for different food in certain circumstances. Having tried Jasper on all the sensitive foods and some other brands almost at a last resort they eventually landed on your food.

They tell me that pretty much straight away they noticed an improvement. Jasper went from having watery poop every day to being pretty much normal (well as normal as a Labrador’s poop can be when he eats goodness knows what in the woods!).

Therefore I effectively inherited your brand because when I rehomed Jasper that was the food he was on.

At first because he seemed so healthy I thought there was no need to change it and now he’ll be 6 in April and I will never change him from your food.

I have in fact recommended your food to several of my friends with dogs and they now all love it. So this is a testimonial from Jasper but also from Ghilly, Henry, Genie and Monty!

What do I buy from you?

I buy the Salmon Complete Superior Adult Dog Food – 15kg medium/large bite.

I occasionally get some treats but not often because we don’t tend to give high reward treats to Jasper so he doesn’t get fat. He’s quite happy with a bit of carrot or cucumber!

Why do I continue to buy from you?

For lots of reasons!:

  • Jasper is healthy and doesn’t have watery poop very often – only when he’s eaten something he shouldn’t or is poorly!
  • Jasper does not smell doggy. His coat is silky, not greasy and for a Labrador his breath really isn’t too bad. Every time we’ve been for a check up with Jasper at the vets they always comment on his condition and say how good he looks – and I often put that down to his food. He pretty much only eats your food and a few occasional healthy treats.
  • Your delivery is excellent, we order and a couple of days later at most it comes.
  • I like how there are no additives in the food. It means I know that what he’s eating is good for him.
  • Dry food is so convenient. My mum feeds her dog raw food which is great but requires freezing. Jasper comes to work with me a lot so I can grab some of the dry food and take it with me easy peasy!
pet owner and her labrador

Charlotte and Jasper

trustpilot stars

We love Angell PetCo’s Food and we were first introduced to it when 3 of our 4 dogs had various problems with digestion. Since opening the K9 Wellness Centre, Angell has become our ‘go to’ product for dogs with sensitive tummies. Many of our customers come to us for advice on what to feed their dogs especially when they have digestive issues or allergies. It is great to receive their positive feedback after feeding Angell.

We also love the treats and often use them to encourage our clients during their hydrotherapy sessions. Many of our four legged customers have their particular favourite treats within the range and being able to offer single protein options for dogs with allergies or low fat options such as the cod fingers is fantastic (cod fingers also make fantastic tasty toothbrushes!) The training treats are fabulous, smelly treats for training dogs of all ages but especially all the puppies we see. Thank you Angell!

K9 wellness centre

K9 Wellness Centre

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