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Why Choose Angell PetCo?

We like to keep things simple here at Angell PetCo.

Our aim is to ensure your dog is their healthiest and happiest at the cheapest possible price to you.

For healthy and happy dogs, we start with the finest, freshest and nutritionally rich ingredients. Then, we gently cook these ingredients in small batches, at low temperatures and with minimal processing. This preserves more of their natural goodness to produce a range of premium food and treats that are incredibly tasty (happy dog), nutritionally rich and easily digestible (healthy dog).

We call it the holy trinity.

“We start with more goodness. We preserve more goodness. Your dog absorbs more goodness”

To ensure we do this all at the cheapest possible price, we sell in bulk, direct to you, cutting out the retailer, in simple, cost-effective and clear packing that is free from expensive and clever marketing (happy you).

Despite what the dog food industry would lead you to believe, it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than this.

We’ve made over 10,000 dogs and their owners happy this way since 2013 (see our 1,000s of 5-star customer reviews on Trustpilot and testimonials below).

With a returning customer rate of over 90%, it seems our simple way might just be working.

Angell PetCo.
Where It All Began

Robert and Jill Angell

Angell PetCo. was founded by Robert and Jill Angell in 2013 after witnessing first-hand the continued emphasis in the dog food industry of prioritising profits over dogs’ health and wellbeing. read more

Angell PetCo. was founded by Robert and Jill Angell in 2013 after witnessing first-hand the continued emphasis in the dog food industry of companies prioritising profits over your dogs’ health and wellbeing.

As the founders of Fish4Dogs, these two pioneers revolutionised the dog food industry by popularising fish as the main protein source in your dog’s food and creating the healthy fish-based treats that your dogs love today!

They were also at the forefront of the shift towards grain, gluten and wheat-free dog food, being one of the first to use potatoes as a carbohydrate.

Sadly though, after retiring from Fish4Dogs, things changed there. Their original recipes were altered and not for the better.

Determined to right this wrong, Robert and Jill set out to revolutionise the dog industry once again.

In response, they launched Angell PetCo.

With a commitment to always prioritise yours and your dogs’ health and wellbeing, Angell PetCo. has a no-nonsense approach. Naturally nutritious premium food, treats and oil, sold in clear simple packaging, available to buy in bulk and brought to you at the cheapest possible price to you.

And the rest, as they say, is history. read less

Our Trustpilot Reviews

What People Are Saying

Angell PetCo. has improved the health, wellbeing and happiness of thousands of dogs with our superior complete dog food and dog treats. We hold a 5-star Trustpilot rating and were the top-rated dog food company in 2017 and 2018. Here’s what some of our human customers (if only our canine friends could talk!) have to say!

trustpilot stars

We love Angell PetCo’s Food and we were first introduced to it when 3 of our 4 dogs had various problems with digestion. Since opening the K9 Wellness Centre, Angell has become our ‘go to’ product for dogs with sensitive tummies. Many of our customers come to us for advice on what to feed their dogs especially when they have digestive issues or allergies. It is great to receive their positive feedback after feeding Angell.

We also love the treats and often use them to encourage our clients during their hydrotherapy sessions. Many of our four legged customers have their particular favourite treats within the range and being able to offer single protein options for dogs with allergies or low fat options such as the cod fingers is fantastic (cod fingers also make fantastic tasty toothbrushes!) The training treats are fabulous, smelly treats for training dogs of all ages but especially all the puppies we see. Thank you Angell!

K9 wellness centre

K9 Wellness Centre

trustpilot stars
Alfs health, enthusiasm for his food, constancy of the ingredients and customer service over the 8-9 years of ordering are the reasons I stay with Angell PetCo. It was even…
ibizan hound

Charlotte and Alf

trustpilot stars
I am so glad I discovered Angell Petco some years ago and so is my labradoodle Luka. His favourite treats are the Mini Fish Skins and the Beef Patties and…

Diana and Luka

trustpilot stars
Our Golden Retriever, Sam, has been fed on your Salmon Complete Food for many years. The vet always says how great his teeth are and everyone we meet comments on…
Golden Retriever

Mark and Sam

trustpilot stars
I have been buying from Angellpetco for a long time. I cannot fault their products, delivery, customer service. My dog Bella loves everything that I buy for her.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Yvonne and Bella

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