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The highest quality, fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Cooked gently to preserve their natural goodness for healthier and tastier food and treats.

Sold for less, in clear, simple packaging. Happy dog. Happy you.

All our ingredients are locally sourced, fresh from the farm or the sea.
Everything we use in our dog food is fully traceable back to its origins.

Our dog food is gently cooked at low temperatures to preserve all the natural goodness, giving your dog all of the nutrients they need to stay fit and healthy.

We produce a range of natural, healthy food and treats that’ll benefit your dog’s health and happiness, no matter their age or size.

We sell for less using simple, clear packaging. No gimmicks, just natural, high-quality dog food delivered to your door.

“I have had several months with a GSD with a dodgy stomach. 3 days on the food for sensitive tummys and he is all fixed. Happy dog and happy owner. Thank you.“

Zaidee Williamson

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Why Choose Us?

1. The finest, freshest ingredients

  • Unlike other brands, only the finest, freshest, locally sourced ingredients make it into our delicious dog food and treats. Fresh from the farm, each ingredient is easily traceable back to its origin, so there’s no mystery why dogs love them.
  • We encourage the use of fish. It’s highly palatable and an excellent high-quality protein. It’s also packed full of naturally occurring healthy fats, especially Omega-3, excellent for supple joints, healthy skin and glossy coats, to name just a few major benefits.
  • And it’s not just what we add, it’s what we keep out. All our food and treats are made from simple recipes, free from artificial additives, preservatives, colourings and non-nutritional fillers. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away –– just nutritious, tasty and hypoallergenic dog food and treats that’ll keep your dog happy, healthy and full of life.

2. Our unique cooking process

  • It’s not just the fresh ingredients that make our food and treats Superior. It’s the combination of these fresh ingredients with our unique cooking process.
  • Using a world-first in dry dog food, the fresh ingredients for our superior food are carefully steamed at low pressure, in small batches, with minimal processing at just 82 degrees.
  • It’s the same with our treat too, these are slowly air-dried at around 40 degrees.
  • And it’s this preservation of the fresh ingredients through our gentle cooking process that makes our food and treats tastier, healthy, more nutritious, more digestible and better for your dog than any other dry food or treat.

3. Gentle cooking for powerful results

  • Our food and treats have significantly better bioavailability than traditional dry food and it’s what makes our food up to 90% more digestible.
  • This means that more goodness from the fresh ingredients is preserved through our gentle cooking process and absorbed during digestion.
  • It’s why dogs feed on our food and with our treats have firm, less smell poos, shiny coats, strong immune systems and healthy gut bacteria.
  • And it also why our food and treats are so tasty – not even the fussiest dog could resist.

4. Sold for less in clear simple packaging

  • Every dog deserves a healthy, tasty meal or snack.
  • To keep our costs as low as possible, we focus on our product, not our packaging. We know you and your dog care about what’s on the inside, not the clever marketing on the outside.
  • For this reason, we provide all our food, treats and oil in simple, clear but durable packaging.
  • And we’ve got nothing to hide. Just the finest, freshest ingredients, gently cooked for healthier and tastier treats.

5. With next day delivery - Try today, risk free

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  • Buy with confidence: each purchase is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Fancy trying before you buy? Try a sample of our food or treats?

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