Healthy Dog Food, Treats and Supplements at Special Breeder Prices

Get access to our exclusive price list by joining the Angells Breeder’s Club. As an ethical breeder and member of our elite club, you’ll get access to the healthiest dog food, treats and supplements at discounted prices. 

Why Join the Angells Breeder’s Club?

Interested in getting our superior dog food for less? Angell Petco’s innovative and unique preparation processes preserve the nutritional integrity of our natural, fresh ingredients, giving your bitches, studs and litters the meals they deserve. Our mission is to keep your dogs happy and healthy throughout their lives by giving them the best nutrition for the best prices available.

Complete the form above and we’ll review your application, providing you with a special password to access our members’ area.

 “Amazing service. We were given Angell Petco products in a pack when we collected our new puppy from the breeder as she loves the puppy food, treats and fish skins so much! We are definitely going to continue to make orders.” — Margaret P.

Angells Breeder’s Club: Terms and Conditions

Qualifying for our exclusive Breeder’s Club is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • You must be based on the UK mainland or Northern Ireland.
  • You must be registered with the Kennel Club with a kennel name (or be a registered member of the Kennel Club accredited breeder scheme).
  • You must own one or more breeding bitches and/or studs. 
  • Your dogs must be fed on Angell PetCo’s food throughout the year.
  • Your breeding bitches/studs must produce a minimum of one litter per year.
  • The new litter must be weaned on Angell Petco’s Superior Puppy food.
  • You must recommend Angell Petco to each new puppy owner**.
  • A minimum first purchase of £30 to activate a new Breeder Club account.

*To receive free puppy packs for a new litter, you must provide a copy of your Kennel Club certificate).

**Angell Petco will provide you with a unique referral code. We will also provide you with free puppy packs (including food) to gift new owners.

Trade Discounts on Angell Petco’s Dog Food and Treats

Trade buyers can also get exclusive discounts on our range of complete dog food, treats and supplements. As an official Angell Petco distributor, you’ll get access to special trade discounts and regular promotions, in addition to high-quality sales materials for your store.

Apply to become an official Angell Petco trader today. Simply fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your application. Once you’re an accredited member, you’ll be able to shop our range of superior dog food for less.

Official Angell Petco Traders: Terms and Conditions

To qualify as an official Angell Petco distributor: 

  • You must be based in the UK or Northern Ireland. 
  • You must place an order with a minimum value of £200.
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