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Scottish Salmon Oil Dog Food Supplements

Does your dog suffer from pain and discomfort from stiff joints, itchy skin, poor circulation or dry cracked paws? Our salmon oil dog food supplement can make a significant difference to their wellbeing after just a few weeks of use.

Made from the finest fresh Scottish salmon, hypoallergenic and exceptionally rich in Omega 3, just a few drops of our salmon oil on your dog’s food can make a dull and lacklustre coat richer and glossier and boost their energy, giving them a new lease of life.

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Something simple really can make all the difference, and so it is with Angell PetCo.’s salmon oil supplements. Unlike cod liver oil, which is made from the pressed liver of the cod (which filters toxins), our Scottish salmon oil is made from the whole pressed fish. What this promises for your dog is:
  • 100% pure Scottish salmon oil free from any additive. Vitamin E is commonly added to sub-standard Salmon to stabilise it.
  • A happier, healthier dog with supple joints, a softer, shinier coat and a renewed eagerness for walks
  • An easy, hassle-free way to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing — just pour over or mix in food.
  • See results in your dog’s coat and energy in as little as two weeks.
Our 10,000+ happy customers and their testimonials, and our thousands of 5-star Trustpilot, Facebook and Google reviews, prove it. We’re so confident in our promise that, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you your money back.

Never Run Out of Food Again with Our Subscription Service

We’re confident that once your dog has enjoyed their 100% Scottish salmon oil, you’ll never want to lose their shiny, healthy coat and boundless energy. With our recurring subscription service, you can make sure you never run out of your dog’s favourite supplements again. Save time and stop forgetting to reorder by selecting our recurring order option and we’ll deliver the same order to you without you having to give us a ring or go to our website! It’s a super-easy four-step process:
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  2. Select the “Recurring Order” option
  3. Choose how often you would like your products delivered (from every four weeks all the way up to every 12 weeks)
  4. Add your food to the basket and checkout
Change your mind? If you find it’s too often or not often enough or if you want to change or cancel your recurring order, just log in to your account and change your preferences.

When Will Your Food Be Delivered?

We’re all about convenience, and we know you won’t always be in or that you might be running low on your Scottish salmon oil and need a new batch delivered — fast! That’s why, with Angell PetCo., we guarantee delivery in two working days, but 88% of our customers receive their parcel the next day. DPD is the UK’s leading courier service (as recommended by Which?) and lets you select delivery within a one-hour delivery slot of your choice.

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