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Looking for a healthier dog treat? One that is jam-packed with more natural goodness, gently crafted from the finest freshest ingredients? One that your dog will love and that you can give guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that these premium treats are actually good for them?

Well you’re in the right place.

Whether it’s our 100% natural fish skin range, our gently baked Salmon cookies, our delicious meat treats or our super tasty training treats, all are gently made following the same principles as our Superior food.

It's the Angell PetCo. Way. The finest ingredients, gently cooked to preserve more of their natural goodness, to produce a delicious treat that your dog will love, and their health will thank you for. If it’s not broken, why fix it.

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Our 100% Natural Fish Skin treats containing nothing but fresh fish skins, gently air dried in small batches, with minimal processing, at low temperatures. This ensures that as much of their natural goodness is preserved as possible. And as they’re jam packed with healthy Omega’s 3 fatty acids, these low-fat treats are not only incredibly tasty but super healthy. If that’s not enough, their crunchy texture is a great natural toothbrush that exfoliates your dog’s teeth. They’re the perfect guilt free treat. Our gently baked Salmon Cookies contain nothing but Salmon, Whitefish and vegetables. Available in either Salmon and Potato or Salmon and Kelp, both are gently baked in small batches with minimal processing to produce a Superior healthy treat that is brimming with more naturally occurring Omega 3’s. The superfood cookie. Our range of premium meat treat’s include our 100% natural pigs ear strip, the perfect lower fat pig’s ear option, our single protein source 90% beef patties and simply delicious duck fillets. Our super tasty Training Treats are crafted using the same unique cooking process as our Superior food. Containing nothing but freshly prepared fish or duck, chicken and turkey and vegetables. These fresh ingredients are gently cooked in small batches, with minimal processing at low temperatures, to preserve more of their natural goodness. This produces a training treat that is super tasty, packed with more natural goodness and highly digestible. They’re so tasty and small, that they’re great for recall, agility, flyball, or because of their small, size a treat you give more often! All are free from all artificial additives, preservatives, flavouring, non-nutritional fillers, wheat and gluten. With grain free options available too, you’re sure to find the perfect healthy treat for any occasion. Available to buy in bulk and delivered directly to you, with our simple, no-nonsense, cost effective packaging, treating your dog to a guilt free healthy treat, doesn’t have to cost you the earth. With 10,000+ happy customers, our thousands of 5-star Trustpilot, Facebook and Google reviews, we’re so confident in our treats, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Never Run Out of Food Again with Our Subscription Service

We’re confident that once your dog has enjoyed their superior healthy dog treats, they’ll never want to go back (plus, they’re so much better for them!). With our recurring subscription service, you can make sure you never run out of your dog’s favourite treats again. Save time and stop forgetting to reorder by selecting our recurring order option and we’ll deliver the same order to you without you having to give us a ring or go to our website! It’s a super-easy four-step process:
  1. Choose your dog's favourite product
  2. Select the “Recurring Order” option
  3. Choose how often you would like your products delivered (from every four weeks all the way up to every 12 weeks)
  4. Add your food to the basket and checkout
Change your mind? If you find it’s too often or not often enough or if you want to change or cancel your recurring order, just log in to your account and change your preferences.

When Will Your Food Be Delivered?

We’re all about convenience, and we know you won’t always be in or that you might be running low on your dog's treats and need a new batch delivered — fast! That’s why, with Angell PetCo., we guarantee delivery in two working days, but 88% of our customers receive their parcel the next day. DPD is the UK’s leading courier service (as recommended by Which?) and lets you select delivery within a one-hour delivery slot of your choice.

Speak to Us about Your Dog

Not sure which complete dog food or treat is right for your pooch? Tell us what they like, what they don’t and if they have a sensitive tum or any health concerns and we’ll recommend the right solution for your dog, young or old, big or small.