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3 Best Of Breeds - Crufts 2012 - success story!

Angell Petco bagged 3 Best of Breeds at Crufts this year – after only 12 months of trading!
Against all the major petfood manufacturers, the Angells dogfood gained 3 fantastic Testimonials from Breeders, who’s dogs have won BEST OF BREED at Crufts this year.
“Our special dogfood recipe is MADE IN BRITAIN, with fresh fish and potato – with no wheat, so it doesn’t cause any allergic skin reactions. And it’s full of Omega 3 so the improvement in the dogs’ coat is tremendous” says Jon Angell. “ Our Breeders Club members get the best quality British-made product, at the best prices in the business.”
Bouvier - UK & NL Champion” Nikolaev Calla”
“I only like to feed the best, I want to know what products are used and that there are no artificial additives. Fresh Scottish Salmon complete gives our dogs all the goodness that they need to develop strong bones, body and a beautiful harsh coat. What more can be said? ‘Feed Quality Breeds Quality’ - our results both in the UK and Holland speak for themselves.” Said Bouvier Breeder Andrew Hall, from Suffolk.

Maxine McCullough’s German Wire Haired Pointer below –
Sh.Ch./German Ch./Irish Sh.Ch./US MBISS Grand Ch./International Sh.Ch. Timo II v. Bockenhagen at Kimmax (Imp Deu) Euro Winner 09, BS 08, BS 11, All Star Winner '10, UT prize 1

Ch.Serenaker Foxtrot (subject to KC confirmation)
“Squiddy won his 3rd CC & BOB at Crufts 2012. He is kept in the peak of condition on Angell Salmon complete with an extra dose of Angell Salmon Oil for good coat & skin condition. “ Said Serena Parker & Graham Stevens - Serenaker Beagles & Pharaoh Hounds

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