Best Dog Treats

Dog treats are a great way of rewarding your dog for good behaviour and keeping them satiated between meals. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to know which are the best dog treats available.

What Are the Best Dog Treats?

There are two main factors to consider when selecting a treat. (1) The ingredients and the (2) the cooking process. 

For the ingredients, the fewer the ingredients the better. The main ingredient should be either meat or fish (there should be minimum meat or fish content of 55%) with the other ingredients being those that are easily recognisable and that have some nutritional content (fruits or vegetables). The ingredients should also be human grade and where possible, fresh.  

For the cooking process, the nutritional value of the high-quality ingredients diminishes if the treat is overly processed or cooked at high temperatures. Therefore, look for a treat that has been both minimally processed and cooked at low temperatures. This ensures that the nutritional integrity of the treats are preserved, meaning your dog gets more nutrition with every treat. 

Angell Petco offers a wide variety of treats that will suit any dog’s taste –– including pigs ears strips, duck fillets, beef patties and fish-based treats (including our 100% Natural Fish Skins & Super Training Treats). 

The 100% Natural Fish Skins are made from slowly air-dried, fresh fisk skins. They are high in Omega-3, which is highly beneficial to your dog’s health, promoting a glossy coat, supple joints, a healthy immune system and good eyesight. They’re also low in fat, making for a treat that can be given more often. And, due to their crunchy texture, the fish skins will exfoliate your dog’s teeth, maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene.

Angell Petco’s Super Training Treats are made from gently steamed fresh fish or poultry and vegetables. Although they’re small in size, they’ve got a strong aroma and taste, making them the perfect incentives for training and rewarding positive behaviour. 

What Are the Worst Treats for Dogs?

Low-end, budget dog treats are often high in saturated fat, sodium (salt) and carbohydrates. The cheap ingredients are very unhealthy for regular consumption. Treats containing wheat, corn syrup and gluten can also upset your dog’s stomach and cause further problems down the line –– like weight gain and diabetes.

Can I Give My Dog Human Food?

Never feed your dog chocolate, grapes, raisins, avocado, lemons, limes, macadamia nuts, onions or garlic. These all contain compounds that are toxic to dogs, which could put them in grave danger. Never give your dog tea, coffee or alcohol, as the side-effects will put your dog’s health at risk, even in minuscule amounts.

As a general rule, you should avoid giving dogs human food –– especially processed foods –– as dogs’ digestive systems are very different from humans’.

When Can I Give My Puppy Treats?

Once puppies have developed strong enough teeth –– usually after 8 weeks –– they can start having very small, soft treats. It’s important that the treats are kept small and soft so that your puppy can easily chew and digest them. Our Super Training Treats are perfect!

Angell Petco’s range of healthy dog treats is suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Check out our range of natural dog treats here.

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