Fish Dog Food

Fish dog food is highly nutritious for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes and can benefit your dog’s overall health.

Fish Aids Brain and Eye Development for Dogs

Fish is often used in the production of dog food because it’s highly palatable for dogs It also contains naturally high levels of Omega-3, a compound that aids puppies’ development, boosting cognitive function and maintaining healthy eyesight. For adult dogs and puppies alike, the anti-inflammatory properties reduce itching and so the need to scratch, protecting dogs’ skin and giving them sleek, glossy coats (excessive itching and scratching can be bad for a dog’s skin). The Omega-3 content also helps to promote healthy gut bacteria, aiding digestion and helping dogs absorb all of the nutrients from their food.

In older dogs, it helps maintain brain function and eyesight and helps keep their immune system strong, helping to ward off infections and illness as they age. Our range of Complete Dog Food is made with fish, helping to give your dog a nutrient-rich diet.

Helps Healthy Skin

A dog’s skin does more than you’d think. The high number of omega 3 fatty acids found in Fish dog food helps form an oily layer on dogs’ skin, protecting them from external irritants –– including dust, pollen, sand and mud. 

If your dog suffers from allergies, this oily layer will also serve as an additional barrier, meaning an allergen is less likely to come into contact with your dog’s skin in the first place. And if it does, Omega-3’s natural anti-inflammatory properties will also help reduce the immune system’s inflammatory response (red, itchy skin) to the allergen.    

Promotes a Glossy Coat

Having healthy skin also promotes a glossy coat. Fish dog food helps to keep dogs’ coats silky, meaning they are further protected from the environment –– ideal if you have an active dog that loves playing in the dirt. Dogs of all ages like to play, which is why we developed a range of Complete Dog Food, made from salmon, trout and other white fish to give your dog the most complete nutrition possible.

Increases Joint Mobility

Maintaining healthy joints is very important for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Good joint health will help your dogs stay active and playful throughout their lives. Fish dog food is an easy way to promote healthy joints as it contains natural oils to help keep them supple at any stage of their life.

Weight Control for Dogs

If your dog is prone to putting on weight, a fish-based diet can help manage this. As fish is high in protein and low in fat, it will keep them fuller for longer without gaining excess fat. Low-calorie fish-based treats are a great alternative to less healthy snacks when rewarding your dog for good behaviour –– like Angell Petco’s Healthy Fish Treats.

Boosts Energy

If your dog is lethargic, suffering from aching joints or other physical ailments, fish dog food can help increase their energy by alleviating joint pain. Healthy dogs will enjoy playing more and be more sociable, so it’s important to maintain healthy joints.

Eases Digestion

Dogs easily digest fish protein, so fish dog food is ideal if your dog has a sensitive stomach and doesn’t get on well with its current diet. It also reduces unhealthy gut bacteria –– perfect for older dogs with slower digestive systems.

Interested in the benefits of fish for your dog? Take a look at our Healthy Fish-Based Dog Treats, which are perfect for treating your dog while giving them the nutrition they need.

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