Dog Feeding Guide

Dogs need a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and live long and happy lives. It’s important to feed your dog the right food at the right times to avoid problems such as obesity or malnutrition.

How Much Should Dogs Eat?

Dogs need to be fed the right amount in relation to their weight –– Angell Petco’s dog feeding guide will help you figure out how much to feed your dog. The breed, age, size, and energy level of your dog should also be factored in when determining how much –– and how often –– your dog should eat.

A veterinarian will be able to give you further advice, as they will check your dog’s health and perform tests to check for any underlying health conditions that might affect your dog’s feeding schedule.

What Should I Feed My Dog?

Complete dry food has a balance of all the nutrients an adult dog needs: protein, fats and oils, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and water. A gentle cooking process will preserve the food’s nutritional value and retain the nutrients found in the fresh, natural ingredients.

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Should I Feed My Dog Wet or Dry Food?

High-quality dry food typically contains higher nutritional content per serving than wet food. Using a gentle cooking process, Angell Petco’s Superior Adult Food retains an intense smell and taste, making it more palatable for your dog. To enhance the smell, simply add a few drops of warm water.

Feeding your dog dry food is more economically viable –– and a lot less messy –– for dog owners and will provide your dog with a healthy balance of all the essential nutrients. However, it’s important to note that all dog food is different –– so consider the nutritional content of your dog’s food rather than it’s consistency.

Wet and dry food can be mixed for some meals, but you should speak to your veterinarian before making any substantial changes to your dog’s diet.

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Dogs should be fed two measured meals a day. Feeding your dog more than twice a day can give them bloating if it’s a large breed or hypoglycemia –– when blood sugar drops below normal levels –– if it’s a smaller breed. These conditions can become serious if they aren’t managed, affecting the health and happiness of your dog.

The two meals should be fed within an eight to 12-hour interval, so your dog has enough time to digest the food and not go hungry for extended periods.

Can I Feed My Dog Once a Day?

An average-sized dog will have fully digested a meal between six to eight hours after eating –– if your dog is only fed in the morning, it will be starving by the evening. Feeding your dog twice a day –– factoring in treats –– is the best way to keep them satisfied.

We guarantee that your dog will love our Superior Complete Dog Food Range –– made with the finest fresh ingredients and cooked using a unique process to preserve the goodness. Give your dog the delicious, healthy meal it deserves. Shop now.

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